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Men's Shirts by KJ Beckett Bespoke Shirts

KJ Beckett have combined with French shirt makers SAINT-SENS to offer the finest men's shirts available on the web. KJ Beckett Bespoke Shirts are made-to-measure by skilled craftsmen to create the most luxurious shirts for men.

Custom Shirt Fabrics

In order to make our fine bespoke shirts (known in France as chemise sur mesure) we have a selection of over 150 luxury shirt fabrics, imported from the world's finest mills. KJ Beckett mainly use Italian two-ply cottons which are equally as fine as Swiss and English cottons. Our customers have a choice between the finest end on end, popelin, chevron, oxford, pinpoint and twill fabrics.

Bespoke styles from KJ Beckett

n order to make your made-to-measure shirt unique, KJ Beckett offer a myriad of custom shirt designs from which our customer can choose to create his very own bespoke shirt. Indeed we have 10 collar styles, 8 styles of cuffs, 3 body cuts, 5 pocket options, and also the option to contrast with white collar or cuffs. Shirt collar options include French collar, Italian collar, button down collar, san remo collar, wide spread collar, double buttoned collar, hidden buttons collar, curved spread collar, band collar and wing tip collar. Shirt cuffs options include simple cuffs, angle cuffs, round cuffs, square cuffs, portofino; and to be used with cufflinks or silk knots; French cuffs, angle French cuffs, and round French cuffs.

Measuring made-to-measure shirts

KJ Beckett provide our customers with an accurate and easy way to measure body size and create the perfect bespoke shirt! It really is easy to do, and takes no more than 5 minutes! It is usually easier to ask someone to help you, and to wear your best fitting shirt to act as a template from which you can measure. Once our highly skilled custom shirt makers have your measurements they will ensure the bespoke shirt has enough room for movement yet still looks the perfect fit!